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Labor Day Holiday and Your Divorce

When Americans think of Labor Day weekend, they think of the end of summer. Most of us head for the

It’s a Pandemic – Choose Your Battles

Maybe you have already filed for divorce or maybe you are still in the process. You have worked out an

Five Mistakes Couples Make While Divorcing

When a couple has reached the point of divorce in their relationship, they face one of the most difficult and

Can Your Divorce Be Denied?

In our society divorce is a common word. The days of divorce causing scandal and shame are long gone. However,

Reasons a DIY Your Divorce Is Not a Good Idea

If you look back over society, you can see that what people accept as “normal” tends to change. As recent

The IRS FAQ For Early Retirement Withdrawals During COVID-19

Most of us who work full time for a company (privately or self-owned) have some type of retirement plan that

The Difference Between a Divorce and An Annulment

When we marry someone we love, we hope that the union is forever. We hope our love will grow and

Has Covid-19 Caused a Rise In The Filing Of Divorce?

There is no doubt that Covid-19 changed the world. We have learned much in the medical field, and we have

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Your one-stop resource for medical news and education.